You only live one life! Or do you? Have you sometimes had a feeling that you’ve been here before? Do you sometimes relate closely to some individual or event in history?

Stored knowledge in our unconscious mind of past lives may contribute to and affect our choices and decisions now. Our present is inextricably linked to the past.

By recalling and exploring the events of past lives you can help to

  • stimulate increased self-knowledge and awareness.
  • reveal an aura relating to causes of physical illnesses.
  • control or eliminate pain, anger, sadness, fear and guilt.
  • dissolve the negative aspects of the past which hinder spiritual growth and contentment.
  • discover greater meaning and purpose in your daily life.

Belief in reincarnation is not necessary to achieve positive results – the only requirements are an open mind and a willingness to try. It may be you are simply curious.

Will I have been a famous person?

One common misbelief is that all people who experience Past Lives have been famous historical people, Robin Hood or Horatio Nelson for example. Those of us using Past Life regression regularly know that this is almost never the case. Most Past Life experiences are quite mundane and even the ones containing exciting or dramatic events are usually experienced by ordinary characters.

Exploring past lives is thought-provoking both for me and my clients. It is possible you may have experienced more than one past life, I had a client in Spain who had five. We had to deal with all five to give her the relief she sought.

So if you have an interest, often think or indeed believe you’ve been here before and want to explore that I can help. Contact me to arrange your experiences.

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Can’t actually believe what’s happened this afternoon!! After years and years of being in constant pain, countless pills, injections and procedures, I am officially pain free!! It’s all thanks to the truly amazing Mike Walton, I’m sat here in a state of shock!! It’s gone!!! That dull aching thud which wears me down from time to time is gone!! 😱 I cannot believe it!!! Beyond grateful!!